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March 26, 2023

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Minor League Prophets

Minor League Prophets

When you go to a minor league baseball game, things are a little different than the big boys. There are creative shenanigans between innings. There are more freebies. You can sit closer to the field and to the players. Crowd sizes are smaller than the massive, major league stadiums. Tickets and concessions are (slightly) cheaper. It’s just different.

But one thing is not different. The game. Professional baseball is professional baseball. The game is played nine players vs. nine players for nine innings. The basepaths are the same length. All players utilize the same regulation gloves, bats, and uniforms. The game is the same.

In the Old Testament, scholars have created a dividing line between the major prophets and the minor prophets. The major prophets’ writings are quite lengthy while the minor prophets’ writings are much shorter. We tend to quote prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah – and rarely quote from Habakkuk or Zephaniah. The major and minor prophets are different.

But one thing is not different. They all boldly spoke the Word of God to a people headed into exile or already in exile. They all spoke messages the people desperately needed to hear. They all speak to us today. The message is the same.

For our summer book series this year, we are going to walk through the 12 minor prophets – one book a week. Some are a few chapters long – some are just a page. But as is our custom, we will all, as a church family, be reading and studying the same books over the course of our summer. Plan now to read and reflect. And plan to let these “minor” messages make a major impact on your life.