Adult Bible School

Fairmount has an array of Sunday morning Bible School classes for you to explore and help you make meaningful connections.

We encourage you to visit as many classes as you desire to explore each one’s style, make-up of adults, and the way it conducts its time of study, fellowship, and prayer.

9:00am Classes

Christian Homemakers

9:00 am in the Music Suite
Topic: The Book of Acts

Ken Powell
Friends in Christ

Ken Powell
9:00 am in the Activity Center
Topic: The Book of John

Stephen Beadles
U & I

Stephen Beadles
9:00 am in Room 130
Topic: The Parables of Jesus

Diane Ware
Bill Farmer Bible Class

Diane Ware
9:00 am in Room 132
Topic: The Book of Acts

10:15am Classes

Bob Baine
Real Life Connections

Bob Baine
10:15 am in the Library
Topic: The Book of Acts

Frank Saunders
Reflections of Him

Frank Saunders
10:15 am in Room 132

Joseph Pennington-THRIVE

Joseph Pennington
10:15 am in Activity Center

Ray Butler
The Walk

Ray Butler
10:15 am in the Music Suite

Chris Mayton & Ryan Nelson
Alive in Him

Chris Mayton and Ryan Nelson
10:15 am in Trailer 1
Topic: The Book of Genesis

Geoff Johnson
Salt and Light

Geoff Johnson
10:15 am in Room 152
Topic: The Book of Daniel

View Salt & Light lessons anytime
on Fairmount’s YouTube channel.

Conversational Sign Language

Christy Conquy
10:15am in Room 114

For info contact Christy at:

Fearless Women’s Study

Angie Shay
10:15am in the Room 123

11:15am Classes