Welcome to Fairmount

(Updated May 2021)

On Monday, May 17th, the elder team met to review the latest COVID guidance from the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health and to discuss the implications of Governor Northam’s latest guidelines for churches.  We are pleased to announce that, as of May 28, we will be eliminating the majority of COVID-related restrictions on Sunday mornings and mid-week activities.

Some of the practices that we have adopted during the pandemic will continue for now – the use of individualized communion pods and offering receptacles, for example.  For the time being, we will continue our current Sunday morning schedule in order to effectively manage volunteer commitments and our online streaming of services.

As always, pandemic or no pandemic, common sense will be the rule of the day.  Don’t come to church if you are under the weather.  Don’t bring your kids if they are under the weather.  Wash your hands.  Understand that some people still feel more comfortable wearing a mask.

We want to thank the congregation for your flexibility, compliance, and patience during a very difficult year.  We continue to forge ahead together with the Lord in the lead.