Congregational Prayer Night
“Moving Forward” Led by the Holy Spirit
Tuesday, February 28th at 7pm in the Sanctuary

If our pastors’ messages have conveyed anything during the month of January, it is about our need for individual spiritual disciplines. We have been encouraged to read and study our Bibles daily, worship weekly, fast every Thursday, and engage in prayer daily. Not only is it important to our faith that we pray as part of our time alone with God, we also need to consider prayer as the Body of Christ. The elders have been meeting on Tuesday nights for over three years now, and what has been one of the biggest blessings is that we get to hear and understand each other’s heart. As we focus on revival, our thoughts also will consider UNITY in the church, and praying together brings unity.

For our prayer time on February 28th, we have decided to try a different format. We will begin in the Sanctuary, where we always love to fellowship together, then after praying together and some direction, we will divide up into small groups for a season of prayer. Each small group will have an elder who will lead and our prayer time can last as long as each group decides.

So, please accept this invitation from the elders and staff to join your brothers and sisters in Christ for a season of prayer together.