Christ in Culture will host Dan Steiner on September 20 at 6:30 PM in Room 132. Dan is frequently heard on American Family Radio and on the Glenn Beck program. He leads the national Pro-Life ministry, PreBorn. In 2021, PreBorn helped make 72,855 free ultrasounds possible. It placed 62 new ultrasound devices in pregnancy help centers. Through its efforts, 44,849 young women chose Life. Most importantly, 8796 professions of faith were made after the Gospel was shared by a help center clinician trained by PreBorn. When you don’t speak out against Abortion, your silence will most likely be interpreted as approval. What you choose to do to eliminate this scourge on our culture will resonate throughout Eternity. Start by learning how to get involved – Attend Christ in Culture’s September 20 meeting with Dan. All are welcome.