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If you think about it, we really don’t have many firm details about heaven. What we DO know is pretty telling, though. David says that it will be a place where we will be with God. Jesus says that He is building us a home there. Revelation says it will be a place of indescribable beauty and splendor. Revelation also gives us a few hints at what we will do in heaven. If our actions in heaven were to be boiled down to one word, that word would be “worship”.

Worship is fundamental to who we are as Christians. We worship a God who loves us and has provided an avenue to eternal life. We worship a God who has created this immense universe and the baby cooing in a crib. We worship a God who invented grace, love, forgiveness, and hope. Worship is a part of who we are and is built into our DNA. Though we often think of worship as what we do during our worship hour on Sunday morning, worship is actually a lifestyle. It is something we do privately, as a church family, and wherever we go on a daily basis.

On March 1 we will begin a sermon series on worship that we are entitling … “Worship”. That one word says it all. We live a life of worship. What does a lifestyle of worship look like? How do I worship alone? What should worship on Sunday mornings look like? How do I worship meaningfully through the many elements of a worship service? Our preaching team will tackle these and many other questions regarding worship.

Too often we focus on what WE get out of worship. Worship becomes about OUR likes, OUR preferences. We forget that worship has nothing to do with us. Worship is 100% entirely about God. The awesome thing is, though … when we focus on God and God alone, we emerge from worship more blessed than we ever imagined.

Bring some friends with you and be blessed as we learn about worship – as we are inspired to worship – and, most importantly, as we actually WORSHIP!